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OPTIM Toledo is the leading Russian owned manufacturer which produces furnaces, foundries and melting equipment.

  • We create the DC arc furnaces focusing on customer’s requirements and specifications
  • Upgrade the electric part of  EAF
  • Modernize the electric part of  EAF with a transfer to DC
  • Producing gas or oil fired crucible furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals and their alloys
  • Producing stands for the drying and high-temperature heating of ladles
  • We provide pyrometallurgical processing of catalysts and metallurgical slags

Our products are certificated by Technical regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011. All the custom-designing furnaces are made by the high-qualified staff and correctly sized for the required throughput.

DC (Direct current) arc furnaces

The capacity of our DC arc furnaces is from 0,06 to 3 tones. The customer may use it for:

  • scrap steel processing to get outputs of different steel marks
  • cast iron shavings processing
  • producing synthetic iron
  • producing various kinds of ferroalloys
  • melting different alloys, concentrates etc., to produce enriched alloys


Modernization of the control system of EAF

Our company upgrades an obsolete control system by using a special automatic control system of EAF which is based on SIMATIC controller (Siemens LTD). Advantaged of  modernization:

  • automatic maintenance of current set point (power) by actuators control
  • technological protection and blocking of furnace
  • vacuum circuit breaker operation
  • continuous temperature monitoring
  • energy performance monitoring system
  • hydraulic system control
  • furnace lifting, tilting, roof slew control

The control system of EAF consists of:

  1. Automatic melting conditions controller
  2. Machine control system
  3. Furnace temperature control system


Modernization of the electric part arc furnaces with a transfer to DC

Modernization involves replacing of controlling system and furnace transformer. Upgraded furnace has three electrodes (without bottom electrode) extending through the arched roof.


Gas or oil fired crucible furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals and their alloys

Our company produces crucible furnaces with the capacity of 100 kg, 250 kg or 600 kg. If to compare with electroheating, gas and liquid fuel burners (MaxWeishauptGmbH, Germany) using in our furnaces help to reduce energy carrier costs more than three times.


Stands for the drying and high-temperature heating of pouring ladles

We produce electric and gas stands. The control system of heating ladles may be used in two modes:

  • basic heating mode: heating at maximum power up to a maximum temperature
  • inwall drying mode: slow heating to a given temperature.


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